Space LLC the asteroid mining game that’s easy to learn and provides hours of fun! Build miners, grow your mining colonies, research new upgrades, level up to unlock new minerals, discovery rare pets and earn space badges! Do you have what it takes to build a space mining empire?



Realistic graphics! None of that cartoon stuff here!
18 unique mining colony upgrades, 10 unique freighters, and 17 mineral levels!
Skill tree allows you to customize your play. Select active or passive bonuses! 4 trees to choose from!
Hatch eggs to find rare pets, unstable power cores, and other prizes!
12 pets to collect each with its own unique bonus! Stack bonuses to make money faster!
Battle UFOs and shoot down comets for extra cash!
Free cloud backups using your iOS keychain or Google Play. Keep your game safe even if you upgrade your phone!

Current Multiplayer Games

Game Name Player Count UFOs Destroyed
best 27 / 50 886
nathan 1 / 50 28
420 1 / 50 10